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Ayurveda , ancient Indian system of medicine developed through excessive research work done by  ancient  sages who were eminent scholars. The core concept of Ayurveda is to maintain a balance between Physical, Mental and spiritual level.  The aim of this system is to treat the diseases, prevent the illness and preserve the life. In the fast moving world, where every second body is being havocked by new disease; the demand for anti biotics, anti allergics etc are simultaneously growing . The immune system is severely impacted and affected by this.

Ayurveda works on TriDosha concept(Vata, Pitta, Kapha). While treating a disease, it works on grass root level treating the root cause rather than suppressing it. That’s why it is virtually side effects free. This Indian medical science is in increase demand particularly in Europe, United States and so on.

 It’s finally time for everyone to embrace natural healing.

100% Natural

All our raw ayurvedic herbs are procured from north parts of India. Our green tea is sourced from the best tea gardens in darjeeling.


Herbs being directly picked from gardens keeps it freshness intact.


Majority of our herbs are purely organic.

Best Quality

We use topmost quality of herbs ensuring maximum benefits to the clients.


Body is the only place we have to live in. So we better take care of it. When we think to adapt to healthy options or healthy lifestyle, our entire focus is upon eating right, sleeping on time or else physically working out. Seldom have we thought about Drinking Right. A morning cup of regular tea or coffee..



  • Kashif Ahmed

    “Whenever I feel tired or drained out, I sip a cup of Satvaa green tea for Energy. All my lethargy, tiredness vanishes. ”

  • Namrata Chitnis

    “I have been suffering from dry skin since my teenage days. Ever since I started with Satvaa Green tea. my dryness has gone down drastically and the itching has also been reduced.”

  • Mahesh Chaudhari

    “I am using Diabacare Green Tea for past 2 months for my father who has high blood sugar levels. But ever since I started this tea, his sugar levels are reducing.”

  • Amit Kadam

    “Being coporate person, I was so busy I cannot concentrate on my health. Then, . I heard about the Satvaa Green tea for stress and ever since I started with it, I feel so relaxed and my palpitation, nervousness are history now.”


Revolution in Ayurveda

We all are aware of our ancient medical branch ayurveda and its amazing health benefits. But in this fast moving and competitive world we need fast results and easy taking medicines. What we forget is that even a viral fever takes 3-5 days to recover completely and cough and cold takes 2-3 days to recover fully.

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